Dunedin City Centre and Campus Map to include South Dunedin

Finally, South Dunedin is on the map

By Snoopy Reporter

South Dunedin is finally going to be included on the Dunedin City Centre and Campus Map.  Click on the image below and download the latest edition of the South Dunedin Trumpet.

The frontpage of the South Dunedin New Zealand Trumpet

Click on the above image or here and read our promotional newspaper about the changes to the upcoming map that will include the South Dunedin shopping area.

Norman Wood, the publisher of the map and directory said today, “over the years a number of my customers have moved down south, but still wanted to advertise. However, until now I’ve been unable to show their location on the map.”

It is important for South Dunedin businesses to advertise to students as they are the largest market for their products and services. These shops are not close to the university, so many businesses wont have the students walk past their door.

Mr Wood, continued by saying, “however, there are a great number of fantastic businesses in South Dunedin that need to be discovered, and students are only a few minutes drive away from their door. They’ve got to advertise this and my map is an economical way for them to say, hay we are here.”

The decision was only made a few days ago to include South Dunedin, so there isn’t enough time for Norman Wood and his team to contact all businesses personally. So they are relying on the businesses contacting them directly.

Mr Wood said, ”the best way to contact us is to phone either myself on 021 2705319, or Robin Colson on 027 256 3324 and we’ll come and talk to you about the various options.

Flood about to start

By Education Reporter

Town seems quiet at the moment, but it wont be long until tens of thousands of students flood into town. For many of them it will be the first time they’ve ever been to Dunedin.

They are new and they haven’t established habits of where to buy, where to spend their money. This is a great time to build your customer base. The Dunedin City Centre and Campus Map has been around for well over 20 years and nearly 30,000 maps are distributed every 12 months. More than half tend to go out in the first month, especially to new students who are lost.

It is very important that South Dunedin businesses advertise so they don’t miss out on the opportunity.

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